Enzymes: Your Body Detox Partners

Toxic bodies can be a result of enzyme deficiencies within our bodies. We can suffer from terrible digestion when we have a lack of enzymes. A poor diet can contribute to this, as a lack of fresh foods can have a severe impact on our natural enzyme levels and deplete those that our pancreas produces. So, in order to avoid internal toxins and enjoy better digestion, it is wise to include some natural digestive enzymes in our diet: this can be done by increasing our fresh food intake, or just by taking natural enzyme supplements.

How many natural enzymes are within the human body?

Enzymes are vital to the detox process and help to fight toxic acids that build up in our muscles. Did you know that over 3000 types of enzymes have been recognized in the human body? Enzymes are the catalysts for all chemical reactions inside the body, so it makes sense that the body can’t digest or clean itself out without them.

What helps us to detox?

Keeping a sufficient level of the right enzymes inside the body ensures that we can run at the most efficient level and it also allows for the best level of detoxification. All those vitamins and minerals you take in? Obsolete without the help of enzymes to make them act. The same goes for hormones, which is why people with enzyme deficiencies can have hormone imbalances or issues. There are two distinct types of enzymes: metabolic enzymes take care of our organs, tissues and cells. Digestive enzymes make sure that our food is correctly digested and prevents toxic build up.

What’s the difference when enzymes aren’t in the picture? Well when we have the right level of enzymes, our food will be digested properly and we will gain energy and nourishment from the food. But when enzymes aren’t around, the food will go undigested and create toxins in our bodies.

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